The Adventures of Captain Waffello

Toasty's Revenge

Captain Waffello is a hero like no other. He’s distractible, super silly, and determined to save the world from … burnt toast? With the help of his side kick, Sir Rup, Captain Waffello sets out on an epic adventure to foil Toasty the Terrible’s evil plot. The biggest challenge he’ll face? Staying focused! 

This award-winning book invites the reader to help Captain Waffello work through mazes, puzzles, challenges, and more. Aiden delivers a positive and humorous message about self-acceptance and overcoming challenges that makes this fun, goofy, action-packed story relatable to all kids, but in particular to those with ADHD/ADD or similar challenges.


Captain Waffello's Next Big Adventure

Captain Waffello and his side-kick, Sir Rup are on another adventure to save the world. Is it another evil plot by Toasty the Terrible? Can Captain Waffello stay focused and help Sir Rup in time? Find out in this action-packed adventure designed to engage readers with more innovative activities like Action Fingers, mirror-puzzles, and more!



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© 2018 BY Aiden Dennis

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